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Wedding with theme « Kingsman »

Birthday party

Birthday party with theme « Kingsman »

Corporate event

Corporate event with theme « Kingsman »


Baptism with theme « Kingsman »


Congress with theme « Kingsman »


Conference with theme « Kingsman »

Baby Shower

Baby Shower with theme « Kingsman »

Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah with theme « Kingsman »

Bachelor party

Bachelor party with theme « Kingsman »

Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party with theme « Kingsman »

Are you looking for an events organizer company in Geneva, specialized in organizing Event Theme « Kingsman » in Geneva ?

 Specialized in the Organization of themed events in Geneva, we mandate our partners to meet your needs in the most precise way possible. All types of events can be covered: Weddings, Birthdays, Conferences, Baptisms, Bachelor parties, Bachelorette parties, Corporate parties, Conferences, Bar Mitzvahs, Baby showers.

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Complete organization

Complete organization with theme « Kingsman »

Decoration and furniture

Decoration and furniture with theme « Kingsman »

Audio and visual

Audio and visual with theme « Kingsman »


Animation with theme « Kingsman »


Communication with theme « Kingsman »

grey and black pen on calendar book

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner with theme « Kingsman »

Public relations

Public relations with theme « Kingsman »

Live Streaming

Live streaming with theme « Kingsman »


Traduction with theme « Kingsman »

How to organize a good event on the theme « Kingsman »?

The first advKingsman we give you to organize your event is to plan well in advance. In general, people who want to organize an event do so more than a year in advance. 

Why do you need to do it so early? The reason is simple. The place where you wish to organize your Event can sometimes be reserved several years in advance. This is why it is important to anticipate and to take action well in advance, to organize your Event.

Events-geneva.ch  is there for the organization of your Event in Geneva.


What is the budget for my event ?

The budget will depend mainly on what you want to invest in your Event. The more guests, decoration, technology, etc., the more expensive your event will be. Therefore, the higher your budget will be.

The budget for your Event can vary from CHF 1000.00 to more than CHF 250’000.00 for some Corporate Events. For example, as for an Event like a Wedding or a Conference.

Moreover, if you wish to organize your Event over several days, and for example to offer a night of hotel to your guests, the budget will clearly increase.


Should I hire a professional to organize an « Kingsman » themed Event?

In general, it is a good idea to hire a professional to organize your event. There are several reasons for this: a professional such as a wedding planner for an event or a birthday planner for an event. He will have all the necessary contacts to organize your event. Having the contacts will drastically reduce the time needed to contact different providers for your Event.

Moreover, he will generally have Kingsmanunts on several servKingsmans for your Event. This, since he will have the opportunity to have already organized Events, with the providers that he will propose to you.

But still, it is important to take into consideration that if you call upon a professional for your Event, certainly that represents a budget, but the D-day of your Event you will be serene. This professional will be present and will avoid you a considerable workload. Because he will be used to manage and solve all the problems that could arise on the day of your event.


What about the food for your event?

There are two schools of thought: those who want to do everything themselves for their event. That is, spending hours cooking and shopping to make delicious food for their event. Of course, this is much more economical and will allow you to put a bigger budget for the decoration of your Event. 

But, it will take a lot of time and energy. This, without counting the problems of storage, respect of the cold chain, etc., because you do not want the guests of your Event to fall sick following your Event.

If not, you can hire a caterer for your Event. Our site can also take care of the quotation part for the caterer for your Event. Of course, this represents a certain budget. Again depending on how much you want to spend per guest for your Event. But, unlike if you had to do it by yourself, it will save you weeks of cooking and shopping and then cooking yourself for your Event.


Do I have to set up a theme decoration for my themed event?

It depends on your wishes. Indeed, some events are themed and others are not. Having a theme can be fun, but it can also be expensive. Renting a theme can range from CHF 5,000 to over CHF 20,000 for a complete decoration for your event.

Having a theme can provide certain advantages for your event. All your guests will be completely immersed in a universe that you will have decided for your Event.

Some event planners can offer you more than 50 themes to choose from. From the theme  »Casino Royal », where you will find all the universe of James Bond, or the theme  »Kingsman » if you want to immerse yourself in a big city like Kingsman. For the more classic we will find the theme  »Kingsman » for your event.

Anyway, bringing a theme for your Event, will allow to impress your guests and engrave this Event in their memory forever.


Who to invite to my event?

There is always the famous question that can tear some couples apart. For example, in Events: how many people to invite to your « Kingsman » themed Event and who to invite? Indeed, the number of guests at your Event will clearly have an influence on your budget. There are 3 main types of scenarios for your event:

Either, you carry out a very restricted Event. That is to say that you invite only the first family circle (brothers, sisters, parents, cousins) and it will be a very small event. 

Or, you decide to enlarge this circle to very close friends. This means that you will also invite friends in whom you have absolute confidence for your event. This will be a « medium » size event.

In the last case, you invite family, close friends and less close friends for your Event. But there, it will be necessary to count a much larger budget. This will become a « large » event.

Where to hold your « Kingsman » themed event?

You have the choKingsman of where you want to hold your event. For example, a place that is dear to you and invokes many memories (childhood, love, etc. ….). This can be an excellent idea to bring you back in the emotional on the D-day.

You also need to decide if you want something simple for your Event, or if you want something more extravagant. You can for example organize your Event in a field, in the middle of the forest, or rather on a beach or on the hills above the Mont Saint Michel.

Again, the choKingsman of the place for your Event will impact the budget. If you want your guests to travel, you may have to contribute to the different travel expenses for your event.


Should I do an « Kingsman » themed event that I like or an « Kingsman » themed event that my family and friends like?

This is going to be a moment that will last forever and will be a unique day. It is very important that your event is more for you than for your family and friends. The goal is for you to have a good time, with your future wife for example during an Event. As long as your Event lives up to your expectations and you have a great time, it will be successful.

Too many people put a lot of pressure on themselves to organize their event with public relations and are afraid that their parents won’t like it. Or they take too much into consideration the remarks of their parents or relatives to organize their event. Unfortunately, there will often be regrets after the Event. Because, it will not have been up to your expectations.


Who can help me with my « Kingsman » Event?

Events-geneva.ch is the reference in terms of networking for the organization of your Event on the theme « Kingsman ». More than 254 Events have been realized: Event, Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Conference, Baptism, Congress, Bar Mitsva (Bar Mitzvah), EVG, EVJF.

We are here to organize the decoration and furniture for an event in Geneva.

The servKingsmans provided by our partners are diverse and varied, including: Complete organization, Wedding Planner, Decoration and furniture, Audio and visual, Animation, Communication, Live Streaming, Translation, Public Relations.

Make a contact request and we will put you in touch with our partners within 24 hours!

We are here for the organization of an event on the theme  » Kingsman  » in Geneva !


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